Cheers, Kar - yes, she's up for the Kerry too.Dan - She speaks very well about her own work. She can be cryptic at times but she always has interesting things to say.Niamh - I'm guessing she means they are not afraid of the raw and the strange.I'd never equate 'women writers' as a term with a term like &#ctdla;y-do39or' which I think is derogatorily used (reductive). I don't see 'women writers' as the same thing. More celebratory. The sisterhood!
*31日目(1982年12月23日) [#n4bcb692]
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:2人目 EZICの使者((EZICの重要な依頼を4つ以上こなしている場合))|
:5人目 Jorji Costava|
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> [[30日目(1982年12月22日)>Day30]] ◀

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